Friday, May 30, 2014

Guest Bedroom Part 1 - Inspiration

The guest bedroom in our home has been an eyesore for quite some time and I have decided to tackle it and not let it taunt me every time I go up the stairs.  Every single room in our house was painted a lovely shade of faded banana yellow.  I am so over this color that I painted it without taking the time to do a before shot, but you can imagine how it must have looked.  Just imagine a color you hate, fade it over 35 years and then layer it with dust and dead bugs.  Thats what it looked like.

Here is the paint color I decided to go with – it was actually one of the “oops” paints at Lowes for $5 but ended up being a really rich deep shade of teal – so this is the closest I could find – Aquarium by Sherwin Williams. 

I also knew that since the room is somewhat small that creating an upholstered headboard that I could attach to the wall would be a great space saving option.  Here are a few things that helped inspire my headboard designs.   Making your own may seem kinda daunting, especially since if you decide to go with a plywood base like I am going to, getting the giant in your car will be difficult.  Luckily I have a little brother with a truck who should be able to help. 

A little inspiration...
As for the overall feel of the room, I wanted something cozy with a nautical feel.  I’ve always loved navy and teal together and have been brainstorming from there.


I purchased the two bird prints from Antique Print Boutique on Etsy, and at $10 a pop they were a deal.  They measure 12x15 inches, so once they are framed and matted should take up a good amount of wall space. 

Another flea market find is this wicker chair for $35!!!  I never find deals this good.  Check out the cool shape of the back.  It still needs a cushion but luckily I have this place to make custom ones at no additional cost.  As you can see it’s currently a pea green color.  At first I thought I wanted to remove the paint and then stain it darker, but that proved to be a pain in the butt and since I love pink I’m just going to paint the whole thing.  Maybe put a brown giraffe print on the cushion, who knows!!

Oh and I also have this little stool – another great find at $20.  This was probably my best flea market day ever. 

Next step will be getting the headboard upholstered and mounted on the wall.  Stay tuned!

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