Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend Project - Moving Outdoors!

Our little backyard deck has seen better days, and worse ones apparently.  We live in an area with deep woods behind us, and the previous owners had to rebuild this deck several times due to falling trees.  We are pretty sure the trees that have made it through the last 40 years are good to go and won’t be coming down anytime soon, so we tackled some built in seating.  My brother of Built by Bert came by & constructed some of the most fantastic deck seating I’ve ever seen.  It’s no secret that we love a good sectional, so we collectively decided to build into half of the deck and in return received seating for about 10-14 people and one very comfy corner spot (which will be mine, all mine).

Bert doing some math.

These frames went up in about 10 minutes - so fast!

Working around the corner - just look at all that seating!

It only took about 3.5 hours from start to finish and around $200 worth of supplies.  Bert wanted the bench to look as if it was floating, and doing that required some serious math and tricky cuts, but it will now hold a truckload of people and is completely stable and secure.   Not to mention all the room underneath to store the cushions I have yet to make.  

Finished!  And a few celebratory brews.

I can't believe we went from having 2 seats out here to full bench living in just an afternoon.  Bert is an incredible craftsman and truly had a vision for the seating.  Thanks again bro!

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