Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sewing Room Refresh

My office / sewing studio has gotten out of hand.  I am one of those people who cannot work let alone be creative in a room that is cluttered and doesn't function.  Sometimes I feel like no matter how often I clean, the walls are still closing in on me.  I decided that it needed a refresh and a better way to store all my supplies.  Here's a lovely view of how my sewing room was before...

Why did I think an L-shape would work??  So much space is lost in that corner.

While my desk has been working out pretty well, I feel like it's taking up too much space on this wall with all the natural light.

Ok, so this is mid clean-out for this redo, but honestly, it normally doesn't look much better...

Off to Pinterest I went to find some sewing room storage inspiration.  There are so many cleaver ideas out there, but the one that stuck with me was after seeing this image:

Photo from Sew Caroline
Pegboard, the perfect solution!  Now all those things that are cluttering up my precious table top space will be gone!  And I can paint it in a cute shade of turquoise!  Ha, maybe not because I am impatient and want this project finished during my child's nap, so we have 2 hours!

The pegboard was an easy purchase from the hardware store and cuts pretty well with a circular saw (just don't cut thru the little holes unless you enjoy having debris thrown at your face.  Learned that one the hard way.)

We slapped it up on the wall and I just started to hang EVERYTHING I COULD.  I also did some serious decluttering and threw away at least 1 contractor sized trash bag full of half done projects and other random things.  Why did I keep so many empty plastic bags??   I moved my work tables over to the wall that originally had my desk and bookcases.  I ended up losing the smaller bookcase - I just didn't need it or all the things it was holding.

LOVE pegboards, I just may put them all over the house!

Sorry printer, you live on the floor now.

These pieces had to stay in their place, oh and don't mind my intern.

All in all, an easy project, more or less done in 1 afternoon, and under $25 for the pegboard and a hanging kit with all the little hooks and doo dads.