Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Guest Bedroom Part 2 - Upholstered Headboard

I made a headboard! 

This was a pretty painless project.  The only pain I felt was more of a freaking out sensation as I stapled the first side of the fabric hoping for the best.  I scowered the internet for a quick and easy tutorial but ended up taking advice from a few and winging the rest.  They were all so different and no one had really precise measurements for the headboard or one particular way to hang it on the wall.  Some anchored it using hardware, others built legs…it really all depends on how you will be making up the bed when it’s all finished.  My guest room is not ginormous, so saving space is key – meaning lets mount this thing to the wall!

Ok so I started with one ginormous piece of plywood and cut it down to 4x5 feet.  My queen mattress measures about 60 inches across, and after studying pictures on pinterest I decided I didn’t want much headboard peeking out around the sides.  Also, since I am mounting this to the wall and it’s not standing on it’s own two feet, I decided to go with one of the least expensive types of plywood available.  In the plywood section they had about 15 different kinds, ranging from $12 to $80 a piece. 

 Next step – attach some hanging stuff.  We used 2x4’s for this part because that’s what we had lying around, but you could use something thicker if you wanted.  After cutting to size, we screwed them to the ends of the plywood and then one piece running perpendicular to them in the center (which you don't see because I forgot to photograph...too excited to start stapling!). 

My brother cut the center piece on an angle all the way across so that it’s matching piece or better half could be attached to the wall and they would sit together so nicely like two people holding hands – but instead just two lifeless pieces of wood holding a wonderful headboard.  Make sure to do all the attaching before upholstering.

Upholstery – much easier this time around because squares are great.  I don’t care how that saying goes about “don’t be a square!” or “what a dork, she’s such a square”, you are wonderful squares, as are your cousins the rectangles.

 Base layer is batting.  I bought this in the craft store and the twin size was more than enough for my headboard, and I ended up folding it in half so my headboard is extra fluffy.  Just simply stapled, nothing too fancy, but be aware of how far in your staples are for the second layer. 

Next is the fabric.  Mine is a wide navy and white cabana stripe upholstery weight cotton.  Next time I think I will probably use some white muslin or something underneath just to give it a little more umph.  Freaked out slightly about keeping the stripes on straight but I think it worked out okay.  To keep things flat I always work one side (doesn’t really matter which) and then to the opposite of that one, pulling it tight to keep things from shifting diagonally.

Once it was done we hung it up!  The center wood piece thingie does a great job of distributing the weight and it is not moving at all. 

I haven’t completely finished the room, but here is a sneak peak of how it’s coming so far J

Oh and I needed new monogrammed shams...

Remember this chair??  Still needs a cushion.