Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Stuff and a Shop Update

It's no secret that this blog as well as my Etsy shop have been vacationing for quite a while now, but no worries, I shall return, and with that return new products will arrive!  My new plan is to reopen the shop early this fall with a new streamlined look and more focused products.  While Etsy makes it a little difficult to customize your shop online, I've decided to dive deep into photographing my products and learn a little more about my camera and the process that makes good product photos really great.

I've also been shopping for new products and taking a hard look at the sales data from these past couple of years.  Studying your customers is a great way to improve business, and my customers love shopping for babies and their own weddings.  So needless to say, there will be many more items in both of those categories.  It's hard to set yourself apart from all the millions of shopping options out there, and price is a huge reason a customer may pick you (or not), and now more than ever it's hard to decide how much my time is worth.

I'm hopeful that beautiful products plus good great photography and fair pricing will put me back in the retail game I once had.  Here are a few things to come...

Soft cotton plaid baby blankets

Cotton flannel receiving blankets with soft oatmeal dots - one of my favs!

In love with these cotton herringbone blankets in soft hues.

New thread colors!  I'm really pumped for the neons.

New 2 initial monogram.  Ready to do this one with some bright colors!

I'm loving traditional letters with fun borders.  Hand towels, definitely embroidering this on hand towels.