Friday, March 18, 2016

Lucy's First Birthday - Lilly Pulitzer Style!

My tiny baby celebrated her first birthday this past week.  And although the guest list was small (just family), I couldn’t help but go crazy with the decorations and theme.  This was so much fun to plan that I am really dreading the age when Lucy won’t let me chose the theme of her party anymore.  Please tell me I have until she’s a teenager!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Kitchen Remodel - Part 3

Our kitchen is finished!  Not that the actual construction wasn’t pretty, but I didn’t take a whole lot of photos, so I decided to wait until the end to post about that part of it.  Here is our kitchen after demo with all the cabinets constructed and ready to be mounted.

Not going to lie, I was freaking out at this point because the cabinets are HUGE!  Having done all the design work myself, I was seriously doubting the design and convinced that my kitchen was going to feel even smaller than it was before, but our contractor assured me it wouldn’t, but I kinda still didn’t believe him.

Giant boxes....definitely terrified.

Also, not sure if you can tell, look above the window...see that weird looking wood?  Yup, termites.

We were delayed about a week waiting on the countertops – the cabinets had to be set before the granite guy could come out and measure for the tops, and then it took them about 5 days to fabricate.  We went with a granite called “Dallas White”, which definitely looked much different in the showroom than it now does in my kitchen, but it’s close enough and I’m not going to freak out again when we got a great deal and a relatively quick turnaround.

Anyways, here is our finished kitchen!  The whole process took about 4 weeks from cabinet delivery to moving in plates and glasses.  Not too bad.  I’ve mentioned or linked all supplies at the bottom of this post.

Like those shades?  I made 'em myself :)
My new baking center!

My grandmother's recipe for Tuna Congealed Salad, one of the most retro things in her file I could find. 

Some fun kitchen art.

Cabinets - Ikea 
Granite - Dallas White 
Cabinet Hardware - knobs and pulls both in chrome.
Knife Block - M.O.C. Woodworks, ours is in walnut.
Fabric for shades -