Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Construction Junction

What’s your function?  Just kidding, but I can’t help humming that song from everyone’s favorite, Schoolhouse Rock (and I know those aren't the real words).  Our den has been demolished, kind of.  All the furniture is now in the center of the room and the entire house smells of really intense paint fumes.  Our den originally looked like this:

Awesome right?  Old carpet and dark wood paneled walls.  So the carpet came out the day we closed on the house so the last 5 months or so it has looked like this:
 Ah much better.  Moo moo Mr. Cow.  Currently we have 2 cow hides in this crazy long room, one came from Scott’s Antique Market here in Atlanta for a very reasonable $250 and the other apparently lived with my brother at Auburn and has seen some rough nights.  I believe he told me one of his friends slept completely wrapped up in it, let’s just hope this friend had clothes on…

So now our den is a crazy mess, but I am hopeful.  All the trim has been ripped off and what hasn’t come off has been primed to be painted white.  Yippee!  The trim was actually really nice, super big and thick and original.  The paneling on the other hand is incredibly cheap and flimsy and was not worth saving painting. 
Photo from Houzz
This is roughly the color scheme I am going for.  Dark navy walls with bright white trim and fireplace.  This room is much more formal than ours, but the colors seem spot on.

On to the accessories!  I promised my husband an oversized ottoman, so I like the style of this one and I think it can be made using a coffee table.  Don’t worry, tutorial will come with that. 
Originally an older post from Joss&Main, shoe painting similar here.

And here is my other upholstery project.  
Original image from Style Me Pretty
I already have the wing chair, it is currently taking up way to much space in my office.  It came from my grandmother’s house, so I love that I will be keeping it in the fam.  The fabric is from one of my favorite sites, Spoonflower, and you can find this exact pattern and it’s wonderful designer here.  I look forward to adding this to our den with its height and fun pattern.

Light fixtures from Shades of Light
Lights.  These are actually already hanging, and I love them.  I love them so much that I will most definitely be taking them with me us when if we move.  They’re great and big and at night create the most beautiful light effect on the ceiling.  Kinda romantic, if you’re into that sort of thing.

And here is the room today.  

Don't judge all the piles of stuff.  But do admire the lights in action!  Oooh aaah.

Til next time (when hopefully all this will be finished!).

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