Friday, June 20, 2014

New Product Inspiration!

I’m always looking for cute new ideas for products or monogram styles.  I never have enough hours in the day to create all these wonderful things but a girl can dream!  My Pinterest boards are all over the place, but I’m thinking these next couple of days should be devoted to trying out some new ideas.

1.     New placemat styles – monogrammed of course
These are by Kate Spade and are adorable…and I love stripes!  I’m thinking something similar to this, just two stripes with a monogram would be darling.

Bold patterns and bright monograms.  Perfecto!

2. Something nautical
These shirts come from a sweet little shop on Etsy, Sweet Tea Monograms.  Maybe some flags on cocktail napkins?
Ahh so stinkin cute!  And they come in long sleeve...may need to go purchase these.
3. Ah cocktail napkins.  And pom poms. What’s not to love??

4. Pot holders and oven mitts.  Monogrammed, obvi.  Fun fabrics, definitely.  Thanks for the tut A Beautiful Mess!  Check them out for the full instructions.

Have a product idea or something that is lacking a monogram?  I would love to hear about it!

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  1. How adorable are those pom pom cocktail napkins?! LOVE!!!

    The Glam Pad